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    onsumption of grasses by mixed fe▓eders and elephant-like mammals indicates Florida's ▓grasslands likely expanded during interglacial periods.Tooth enamel locks in the chemical signatures of the plants and water an animal consumes, allowing paleont▓ologists to understand the diets and associated climate of fossil specimens that are millions of years old. To find these signatures, researchers run samp

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    le▓s of tooth enamel through a mass spectrometer.DeSantis and her collaborators analyzed enamel samples from 115fossil teeth. For two of the specimens she took serial samples, small samples that run perpendicular to the growt▓h axis and give insight into how the diet and climate change▓d over a specific period o

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    f time."That's one of the cool things about using mammal teeth," she said. "We can act▓ually look at how variable the climate was within a year, millions of years ago."The study highlights the im▓portance of the fossil record in understanding long-term ecological responses to changes over time, DeSantis said. W▓hile ecological studies of modern impacts can cover only▓ limited spans o

s. These diffe rences are i ncorporated in mammalian tooth enamel, allowing scientis ts to determ ine the diets of fossil ma mmals. Lower r atio values suggest a browsing d iet (trees a nd shrubs) while a highe r ratio su ggests agrazing diet (grasses).Anima ls at the glac▓ ial site w ere predominantly browsing o n trees and shrubs,▓ whil e some of thos 长治市wap 峨山彝族自治县wap 禹州市5G 遂川县5G 徐闻县5G 阿尔山市wap 盖州市wap 松滋市wap 铜梁县wap 东台市5G 晋中市5G 巴南区5G 大方县5G 东至县wap 凉城县5G 德惠市wap 新昌县5G 崇仁县5G 永定县5G 海丰县5G 超变传奇私服发布网站 传奇私服天翼脱机挂 传奇私服地图黑屏补丁 今日新开热血传奇私服网 新开微端传奇私服 手游传奇私服网 每日最新新开传奇私服 传奇私服180战神 传奇私服外挂辅助大全 传奇私服gm口令